Bad Raspberry

William has still not arrived and I’ve had to put my burning impatient desire for labor to begin aside. John has come down with what seems to be food poisoning.  The possible culprits are the carton of raspberries we got this morning at the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market or the Red Rocks margarita pizza he had with Twiford and Saar at lunch.  My money is on raspberries.  I remember him asking me from the kitchen if he should wash them, to which I definitely responded “yes, of course!”.  And I saw evidence that he did in fact wash them because in our strainer there is a bit of red berry stain. However, the thoroughness to which he washed them is uncertain.

I have had food poisoning before, the culprit being a disgustingly dirty sponge.  I didn’t eat the sponge but I ate some food that was on a plate that was washed with this sponge, and I confirmed this when someone else came down with a case the following day and the sponge was the only link. Anyway, anyone that has ever had food poisoning knows that you feel as if you are dying for about 10-12 hours. So he is up there now in the bedroom, and I keep hearing the floors creak abruptly as he bolts to the bathroom at 30 minute intervals.  And moaning. Its brutal. He asked me how long it lasts as this is his first time…I sugarcoated and told him a “few” hours.

What would I do if I went into labor right now?  Would John look back on the day his son was born and remember only  praying to the porcelain god 20 miles away?  William, just stay put for the evening!


July 9, 2011. Family.

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