Due Date!

Today is the day that William is supposed to arrive.  And here he is, sound asleep in my belly, obviously in no rush to exit.  7/7/11…I have been telling him that this is a very lucky number for a birthday.  I was so sure he would be early, but now I am hoping he will at least be punctual.  I realize my gut feeling is worthless when it comes to the timing.  The midwife told me that the due date for first babies should really be 41 weeks and not 40.  The agony of waiting!  I feel like I am watching a pot of water to boil.

There is something twisted about me that is almost eager to feel the pain, challenging its arrival as if it won’t be as bad for me as they all say it is.  My friend Tracy described it as a knife that stabs and then twists back and forth.  Since she is a self described hypochondriac, I went to my friend Catie to confirm that this was nonsense, however, Catie confirmed that this was a very accurate description.   My Mom says she just breathed us right out and it was like a few bad period cramps.  So I continue to think I will be like her rather than feel like I am being murdered.  Knowing my pain tolerance, I’m sure that the first twinge of a real contraction will set me in my place.  Until then, I will enjoy my ignorant bliss…

Come on William!! The world is waiting for you.


July 7, 2011. Family.


  1. Check$ replied:

    I picked the 13th… so sometime in the future his bday can be on Friday the 13th.. whaa haa haa (evil laugh)

  2. JohnnyT replied:

    Just picture Niagra falls and take the deepest breaths you’ve ever taken in your life! You’ll do fine I’m sure of it Taniia.

  3. Ines replied:

    Uncle Lio and I pick the 14th, cousin Elena’s birthday! xoxoxoxox oh, it is Bastille Day too!!

  4. Elsa F. replied:

    Tempted to go with the slurpy option. But the 14th is Bastille day and exactly 1 week late. A very respectable amount of time for poor William to be delayed.

  5. Leah V. replied:

    I vote for July 13th because that’s my dad’s birthday! Your blog post cracks me up…since you have had the easiest pregnancy known to woman, I’m pretty sure William will just pop on out, high five John, hop into his crib and go to sleep with no crying. Then you can enjoy a gallon of wine 🙂 xo

  6. Ines Aranguren replied:

    Hey kids, Nana votes for the 14th also! xoxoxoxo

  7. mt replied:

    I pick july 9th, but in the middle of the night, so late friday early saturday. Good luck queen, ill see baby boy when I get back from ny. You’ll do great!!

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